I keep hearing a lot of people talking about how precious time is, a resource that once wasted cannot be restored. And it’s true, except that you can have all the time in the world if you don’t have the energy to do the things you want to do. And time can go by in vain. The personal development movement has clarified that our attention and our energy both go in the same direction and there is the place where things shape up, where they become real.

I like to imagine that I have a lot of seeds on my table as I wake up every morning and that each seed is the place my attention goes every minute of my day. That means 17 hours x 60 minutes. 1020 seeds. Then and there is when and where I start making my choices. The art and the answer lay in this particular question: What should I do to make sure the seeds I plant bear the fruits I need so I can get the results I want? Ever since I got this image with seeds on my table, I am more and more careful with the choices I make every minute, every hour and every day.

When you offer your attention to other people, you nurture their projects and make them grow.

Have you ever wondered where did these free seminars, free books and other marketing tools struggling for your attention come from? Did you question the phenomenon? Did you see how all these projects later grow up as Prince Charming? It’s great to support them as long as you do it consciously and that is the action to bring you one step closer to the destination you desire.

As for me, that image with the bunch of seeds on my table has made a huge difference in the way I allow for my thoughts to wander on certain events. You know, that inner dialogue that accompanies you all the time, that inner fire that gathers your seeds and bears their fruits that will soon appear in your life. Those 60.000 thoughts out of which 80% are negative. That is where everybody stars working on his/her self and attention, not time, makes a difference.

To measure something, you need the specific target and the measuring tool.

You first need a dream to make it real, a target, and when I say target I mean a trait you wish to change. What about getting on time for your meetings or asking people those exact things you want without being afraid of being said no? You see, all those things you want in order to evolve. And the best measuring tool I heard of, is the diary. A diary to write down your progress towards the target you are heading to every day, step by step.

Then you will start to manage your attention as your most precious resource and the results will start to appear.



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