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My name is Corina Bega and I am a certified coach and trainer. After 20+ years spent in managerial positions in a top 100 Forbes multinational company, mostly marketing and having led departments in Romania, Serbia, Switzerland and Israel, I have returned to Romania in 2013 to pay forward what I have accumulated throughout my experiences abroad and share it with people close to my heart.

I strongly believe that there are 3 truly important things in life. The first is to know where you are and where you are going; the second is to connect with like-minded individuals who are on the same path; and the third is to persevere – one less step and you won’t make it to your destination.

I am sure that you, like any of us, know what to do for you to progress. Even when you cannot overcome your internal limiting behaviors on your own, you actually know what you need to do to get where you want to. For this you need a partner to support you so that you can persevere on your chosen path and achieve success.

How determined are you to take the next step to reach your goals? And most importantly, what do you need to make it happen?

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Do you want to discover the most direct path to your desired destination?


Do you aspire to develop specific abilities?




What can I do for you? Can I join you on your way to clarifying your destination, finding your most direct path and, most importantly, persevering to reach it?


Do you want to be more clear in how you respond to the level of performance that you get from the people you interact with? Do you want to express your expectations with clarity and measure the progress of your objectives?

“Corina is a memorable inspiration and working with her will be a life changing experience for you. Her coaching will help you discover who you really are. She is extraordinarily reassuring, thoughtful and kindhearted, yet expertly skillful at supporting you identify what is important to you, set goals and focus on the steps needed to achieve those goals. After 20+ years of corporate experience where she reached numerous professional pinnacles, Corina has dedicated herself to helping others become all they are meant to be and providing the inspiration they need to reach beyond their limits. She is the coach that you never had before; she will give you the confidence you need to succeed and overcome any obstacles that your career or personal life throw at you. ”
Raluca Răsădean, Co-Fondator, Magnetic Live, România
“Corina has the innate ability to help people clarify their goals and motivations. Best part about her – she does so by simply talking to you, you never feel forced to reach a conclusion, but she’s there for you every step of the way”
David Alexandru, Antreprenor, România


Here you will find my thoughts, preoccupations and discoveries. I invite you to write a comment, an opinion, or to simply ask me a question.

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WHY slows down your progress. WHY holds you back

In my previous article I pleaded in favour of asking questions that change your inner dialogue, implicitly steering to answers that will bring you different results in life. Today I want to talk about the question WHY?WHY is a question that holds you back.

WHY is a question of depth which holds you back. […]

  • Calitatea vieții tale este dată de calitatea întrebărilor pe care ți le pui

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself

Did you ever happen to talk to someone and get fascinated by his view on life? Did you have a WOW moment wondering, somehow puzzled, how does he look at events from that particular angle? Or maybe that perspective appeared to be dangerous because it did not take into consideration all the potential dangers that you could foresee. Have you ever thought how important the questions that you ask yourself are?

  • Cea mai pretioasa resursa a ta este atentia, nu timpul

Your most precious resource is attention, not time

I keep hearing a lot of people talking about how precious time is, a resource that once wasted cannot be restored. And it’s true, except that you can have all the time in the world if you don’t have the energy to do the things you want to do. And time can go by in vain. The personal development movement has clarified that our attention and our energy both go in the same direction and there is the place where things shape up, where they become real. […]